[Job Ad] Argonne National Lab is looking for Post-Docs interested in compiler work

Hi everyone,

our compiler research team has two openings for Post-Doc positions.
Anyone with a recent doctoral degree (or expecting to pass soon) with
computing or related field is eligible. Our focus is making use of
LLVM in an high-performance computing environment, including Argonne's
soon-to-arrive exascale system Aurora.

In addition to the two Post-Doc positions below, we are always open to
internships, research aides and other positions. Please contact use if
you are interested in working with us.

## Postdoctoral Appointee - HPC Software and Tools

This is a joint position of the QMCPACK simulation application and the
multi-agency project P38. The goal is to develop novel HPC software
features, compiler and runtime extensions make use of hardware
accelerators to the fullest using technologies such as LLVM, C++, and


## Postdoctoral Appointee - Parallel Programming and Compilers

As part of the X-CELLENT project, you will be working on automatic
translation of applications written in OpenMP, CUDA or others to make
use of the other parallel programming models. This is made
possible through collaborative compiler analyses on top of those in
LLVM and speculative execution.


Michael Kruse <mkruse@anl.gov>
Johannes Doerfert <jdoerfert@anl.gov>
Ye Luo <yeluo@anl.gov>