JOB Ad: Clang Frontend, QA and Performance Analysis Engineers at Intel

Intel is looking for Clang frontend engineers, QA pros and performance analysis gurus to join our compiler team based in Moscow, Russia.

Our work spans the whole of Clang / LLVM… from lexer to linker (and in case of QA and performance analysis, far beyond linker…) If you are looking for an interesting, challenging and – yes, well compensated – LLVM-related job in Moscow, this is the place to go.

For more details, go to and search for
job numbers 750877 (Clang frontend engineer), 750872 (QA engineer) and 750875 (performance analysis engineer).

Andrey Bokhanko


Is "B.S or M.S in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering" a hard requirement, or work experience counts as well?

Hi Konstantin,

“Computer Science or Electrical Engineering” part is not very important. “B.S. or M.S.” (or equivalent high school diploma, like Engineering degree) is highly desirable – but not really required for a strong candidate with a lot of experience. He or she has to be really good, though. :slight_smile:

Either way, if you are interested, please apply, and we’ll see.