[Job Ad] Compiler Engineer working on Systems Security

Hi all,

We're a small (3 person) startup based in Irvine, CA working on
transitioning systems security research into practice. We are looking
for another engineer, preferably with prior LLVM experience, to join
us. If you're interested in securing systems software from the ground
up, please contact us; we'd love to explain more of what we do at

Full description: http://immunant.com/page/001_sr_staff_engineer/


Intimate familiarity with…

memory corruption exploits,
modifying, improving, debugging compilers, particularly LLVM,
binary analysis and rewriting of x86 or ARM binaries,
the musings of James Mickens,
the relative merits of bfd, gold, and lld.
PhD in computer science/scientific publications in relevant venues.
Substantial knowledge of mainstream operating system/hypervisor internals.
Impostor Syndrome. You don’t have to self-identify as a hero, ninja,
rock star. In fact, we view it as a plus if you don’t.


Strong interest in/proficiency with systems programming, compilers,
and operating systems.
Masters Degree in Computers Science or equivalent graduate program.
Experience modifying, extending, or contributing to open source projects.
An analytical bent, patience, and attention to detail.

- Stephen Crane
CTO, Immunant