Job Ad: Compiler, VM, JIT, Runtime, Programming Language, Tools Engineers @ Facebook


Facebook is investing aggressively in our infrastructure team. Everything needs to run fast and scale massively. And our engineers want the best tools for them to operate at the highest level of efficiency. If you like to hack on LLVM (experience with other compilers is also acceptable :-), virtual machine, JIT, linker, OS kernel, or any system level software, please come talk to us.

- Has ambition, curiosity, and drive to tackle large and complex problems
- Know how to build prototypes and experiments (ideally can make sense of the data!)
- Ability to dig deep to debug any problems

- Full time
- Contractor
- Intern

- Menlo Park, CA
- Seattle, WA
- London

Please contact me (evancheng at fb dot com || evan.y.cheng at gmail dot com) directly for any questions.