JOB AD: "generalist" compiler frontend engineer for Apple's compiler team


Apple's LLVM compiler frontend team is looking for an exceptional "generalist" compiler frontend engineer who is passionate about improving software development tools. Beyond general frontend development (e.g., engineering new language and compiler features) the engineer would potentially work on a variety of compiler-based, language-level source tools including code completion, source code indexing, and refactoring.

Key Qualifications:

- Expert knowledge of C and C++ with the ability to write clean, high performing code
- Knowledge of compiler frontends ("parsers") and related tools
- (Optional, but a big plus) Knowledge of LLVM/Clang and open source development
- (Optional, but a big plus) Exposure to a variety of programming language families and concepts (scripting, functional programming, OOP, etc.)
- (Optional, but a big plus) Experience in writing tools that understand or manipulate source code
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

The position would be onsite at Apple's main site in Cupertino, CA U.S.A. If you are interested, please email Ted Kremenek (kremenek at apple com) with your resume and a brief statement of interest. Please indicate what position you are interested in (I am looking to fill a management position as well).