[Job Ad] Google is hiring for new LLVM and Clang teams


I’m currently growing two new teams at Google working on LLVM and Clang, and would love to hear from anyone interested in these positions.

One team is bringing our C++ toolchain and developer tools to a new internal platform. This team’s responsibilities will include delivering a complete C++ development experience, from build system through compilers, linkers, runtimes, and standard libraries, to multiple teams at Google. All of these will be based on our existing support for our production server software, sharing many of the same components. The team will sit and work closely with the existing team supporting our server software stack. The location is the Sunnyvale (CA, USA) campus near Google’s HQ.

Another team is working to better understand and mitigate security issues like Spectre, specifically from the programming language and compilers perspective. The team will be responsible for both improving our understanding of CPU and side-channel security issues, as well as developing new mitigation techniques for these. They will be working at the programming language level to specify how these work, down to the lowest level implementation in our compilers and runtimes. We are hiring both in the Sunnyvale (CA, USA) campus as well as the Kirkland campus near Seattle (WA, USA).

Neither team requires any specialized experience or expertise beyond basic CS skills and being able to work in a C++ codebase. Anything beyond that is great, but we’re also happy to ramp people up.

If you are interested in either or both of these opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly, or you can apply on our jobs site and mention your interest in LLVM and my name: