Job Ad: Help build an LLVM JIT for Java bytecode

Azul’s compiler team is looking for compiler engineers interested in helping to push LLVM into new areas by building a high performance Just In Time compiler for Java bytecode based on LLVM. Positions will include substantial amounts of open source contribution.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Interest in improving performance for higher level managed languages
  • Strong C++ knowledge, Java/Scala/JRuby knowledge not required, but useful.
  • Preferred: Proven experience with LLVM, or transferable experience with another compiler. We also welcome applications from new contributors to the project.
  • Comfortable working in a partially distributed but highly collaborative team environment
  • Optional: Someone comfortable (or is interested in becoming so) with the x86 backend would be great to find

Location wise, we’d prefer someone willing to relocate to either Sunnyvale, CA or St Petersburg, Russia, but remote hires are an option.

To apply or learn more, please reply to me directly. (You can also use the jobs email alias mentioned on the website, but a direct email will save a couple of forwards.)

Full job ad ():