[Job Ad] IBM India is hiring compiler engineers

Who You Are- * As a senior compiler developer and performance analyst you will be part of a team of engineers who are working on the optimization of our current and future servers.

    • You will be part of a team of passionate and expert performance analysts and will bring in key development expertise to the team.
    • You will be responsible for the identification of new instructions, latency improvements and other micro -architectural bottlenecks for our upcoming servers, ensuring optimal generation of middle and back-end code, working towards the performance goals for our upcoming servers while leading the team on development related aspects for compilers.

Hi Jeff,

Our standard for job postings is that they are only considered on topic if they are somehow related to LLVM. If this is, please clarify. If not, please refrain from such future postings or you will be moderated or banned. Thank you,


Hi Chris,

You’re right, I was not clear in my original job post. I will strive to be more so in the future. This is a development role in our compiler performance team, which has a focus on LLVM performance.

  • Jeff