[Job Ad] Join SiFive's MLIR for Silicon Team!

Hi Everyone,

We at SiFive are building a new team of compiler engineers which are investing in MLIR-based compiler algorithms for chip design. We are hiring compiler engineers (job posting) who can work closely with senior hardware architects - building on the best ideas in generators, SoC construction frameworks, and verification technology.

We are integrating with many existing systems as well as building new capabilities and tools, and are overflowing with big ideas, hard technology problems, and have a huge potential for industry impact. We contribute to a number of LLVM projects, including MLIR and the new CIRCT project which was recently accepted into the LLVM incubator.

Because we are hiring for a number of positions, we are open to candidates with a range of compiler expertise. We prefer candidates in the Bay Area and Portland, OR area but are open to discussing remote work as well.

In case you are wondering, SiFive is a stable and well funded pre-IPO company: we have worked through the uncertainty of COVID-19, and are investing heavily into the future.