[Job Ad] LLVM Compiler Engineer Position at Octasic Inc.

Hi everyone,

Octasic is leveraging many LLVM-related projects within its Visual Studio-based IDE:

- LLVM compiler backend for the OCT2224W multi-core digital signal processor
- Gold linker with LLVM plugin for link-time optimization
- LLDB-based debug engine
- libclang with a custom database for code navigation and auto-complete (aka IntelliSense)
- clang-format for on-demand and live code formatting

We are currently seeking a talented engineer to join our compiler development team located in Montreal, QC Canada.

The right candidate will work on an out-of-tree LLVM-based tool chain. He or she will upstream patches and engage with the community of LLVM developers to enhance the compiler. We have a 'short-term' interest in improving debug information for optimized code.

- Work as part of a small team to design, develop, and deliver new features on the compiler tool chain
- Design new compiler optimizations to achieve performance and code-size improvements
- Develop new test cases and expand the compiler test suites
- Propose new processor instructions or micro-architecture improvements (Octasic designs its own processor cores)
- Communicate with internal customers to understand needs and gather requirements

Minimum Qualifications
At least 3 years of professional experience in the following areas:
- Strong C/C++ design and coding skills
- LLVM or any industrial strength compiler development

Preferred Qualifications
Additional experience in the following areas is preferred:
- Structure and function of compiler internals
- Debug information (DWARF)
- Instruction sets and computer architecture
- Assemblers, linkers, object file formats, instruction set simulators, debuggers
- Embedded systems

Education Requirements
- Bachelors in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering required
- Masters in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering preferred

About Octasic

Octasic is a semiconductor and technology company specializing in wireless base stations and media gateways. Octasic offers a depth of capabilities usually found only in much larger suppliers - from System-on-a-Chip (SoC) development, to real-time OS (RTOS) and compiler design, modem and media processing software, and hardware and RF design.

Established in 1998, Octasic is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with R&D in Canada and India, and worldwide sales support. Over our 15-plus years of existence, Octasic has developed and maintained key partnerships with many of the leading Tier-1 telecommunications and government OEMs worldwide.

Candidates may contact me directly:

martin [dot] filteau [at] octasic.com

Martin Filteau
Manager - IDE & Compiler Tools
Octasic Inc.