[Job Ad] LLVM Software Engineer for Fuchsia Toolchain Team

Fuchsia is an open source general purpose operating system developed
from ground up at Google.

The Fuchsia toolchain team is responsible for LLVM support in Fuchsia
with a focus on compilers and tools, languages, and runtimes. We rely
on and collaborate closely with the LLVM project. Our involvement
ranges from continuously testing LLVM changes and looking for any
regressions that affect Fuchsia, porting existing runtimes and tools,
to the development of new features and in some cases entirely new
tools. We provide and maintain the official Clang toolchain used to
build the Fuchsia platform, the Zircon kernel and host tools.

We are looking for a software engineer to help us improve support for
Fuchsia in LLVM, with an emphasis on runtime testing, and achieving
the goal of making Fuchsia an officially supported host platform in

For more detailed information about this opportunity and to apply,
please use the following link:

Feel free to contact me <phosek@google.com> or our hiring manager Shai
Barack <shayba@google.com> if you have any questions.