[Job Ad] LLVM Toolchain Opening for Chrome OS' Toolchain Team

Hello friends! Google is looking for folks who want to work on LLVM toolchains: Software Engineer, Core, Compilers, Runtimes and Toolchains - Google Careers

In particular, I’m with the Chrome OS toolchain team; CrOS’ C/C++ toolchain is almost entirely LLVM-based (a few GCC holdouts exist in the depths of things like coreboot :wink: ), and we maintain the Rust toolchain for CrOS. Google also has open LLVM toolchain positions focused on ARM work, and we probably have even more LLVM-related openings that I’m not aware of. Large company is large!

If this interests you, feel free to apply on the form (it’s a general posting, so please mention the chromeos toolchain when applying), or email me at gbiv@google.com with questions. :slight_smile: