[Job Ad] Looking for compiler engineer

We're looking to expand our team helping us port our legacy OpenVMS OS
and our legacy compiler frontends to x86 using LLVM. In addition, we're
going to use clang for our C++ compiler (with some OpenVMS additions).

So if you want to help teach some old dogs some new tricks and know
about one/more of:

- TBAA metadata (we need to map our legacy equivalent to TBAA)
- DebugInfo (we need to add/extend for our legacy languages)
- clang internals (we need to add a handful of few features)
- LLVM IR (we have a converter from our legacy IR to LLVM IR)
- floating point (who doesn't like floating point? :slight_smile: )
- libcxx/libcxxabi
- Rehost/porting various sanitizers to work on OpenVMS
- Want to learn Fortran and other well-established languages

Drop me a line.

We are in Bolton MA (just off of I-495 near Hudson MA), just west of Boston.