[Job Ad] Open positions @ Graphcore

Graphcore is a well funded startup that is developing a new processor architecture for accelerating machine-learning applications. We are looking for talented engineers to build world-class development tools that fully exploit the computational capabilities of our architecture.

Multiple roles are available - if you enjoy hacking on compilers, debuggers or linkers we would like to speak to you. Experience with LLVM and its sub-projects is desirable but not required.

These are full-time, on-site positions in Bristol, UK. Assistance with relocation would be provided.

If you are interested please contact us (careers at graphcore.ai) or speak to someone wearing the (blue) branded clothing at ACCU or EuroLLVM. More information is also available at https://www.graphcore.ai/careers

Hi Jon,

Job postings are ok on the llvm mailing list if and only if they are related to LLVM somehow. Please clarify if this is the case - or if not, please refrain from future posts. Thanks!


Hi Chris,

Thanks for calling that out. I could have been more explicit. We’re working out of tree (pre silicon) but very much on the LLVM infrastructure.

I’m writing a (LLVM) back end for our architecture, other people are working on clang, lld, lldb. There are also people working on machine learning frameworks that call into the LLVM layer, but we’re not hoping to find them on llvm-dev.

Upstreaming while the ISA is in flux and hardware unavailable feels premature, but I would certainly be happy to see that happen.