Job Ad: Seeking Clang Aficionado for C++ lint

I’m a recruiter looking for someone special:
A Clang Aficionado who’s interested in writing a C+±lint tool to check design rules, coding standards, and do static analysis based on common errors.

This is not a short-term opportunity; to the contrary ideally this would be the start of a long engagement.

More specifically, I’m looking for a person who’s familiar with Clang and C++ in general (a compiler person) and someone who likes to write tools.

You would take design rules and implement a checker in Clang. The design would need to scale to thousands of rules that could be controlled individually. It would also look for common bugs.

This would be an ongoing project and could be a long-term, or continuing, project–now I’m repeating myself.

These tools will be open-sourced.
Relationship: likely contractor, open to employee.
We’re also open to teams as well as individuals.

Obviously we’re seeking talent, therefore, I won’t waste your time with qualifications, education, nor experience requirements. If you’re interested, please email Dan Eldridge @

Please send:

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