[Job Ad] Senior and Lead Compiler Engineer positions at Arm (Cambridge, UK)

Arm is hiring Senior Compiler Engineer and Lead Compiler Engineer for the Arm Compiler team in Cambridge, UK, to extend focus on needs of safety customers: product features that improve quality/security and simplify safety qualification (such as sanitizers), more frequent and easier qualified releases and supporting reports on testing and residual defects, better compatibility with OSS toolchains, etc.

Safety experience is useful, but not strictly required – necessary trainings will be provided. Same about the key domain knowledge, which is now automotive.

Job ads are below – ping me if you are interested in more details!

Are these jobs directly related to LLVM? It’s not obvious from the post or the links. Note that it should be obvious that the jobs are LLVM related to be allowed here.

Hi Tobias,

Sorry, yes, Arm Compiler is built using LLVM technology, some details can be found here Arm Compiler for Embedded – Arm Developer

I mentioned features like sanitizers, effectively this means enabling the upstream LLVM sanitizers to work in the embedded context, as an example.

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