[Job Ad] SiFive Platform Engineering team

Hi Everyone,

The SiFive Platform Engineering team builds innovative tools used for chip design flows. The chip design world is filled with many technologies, but they are poorly integrated, expensive, fragile, often incompatible and are not always using state of the art techniques. We are looking to make a major leap forward, and realize that modern MLIR-based compiler technology is the right path forward.

As such, I’m building a team to invest in this technology. If you’re interested in more details, please see our job posting on the SiFive web site. Thanks!



Nice :slight_smile: how much of the key abstractions do you expect to be done in OSS?
Can we hope to contribute to HW/SW codesign across companies?

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SiFive is a very open source friendly company, I’m a fan of collaboration. :slight_smile:

Hi @clattner, thanks for sharing I’ll spread the word. :slight_smile: