[Job Ad] Technical Lead / Manager for Google MLIR compiler infrastructure team

Hi all,

The Domain-Specific Computation group at Google develops world leading ML and numeric compilers for ML frameworks and accelerators, making it easy to train, deploy and innovate on ML models for CPUs, GPU, TPUs and other accelerators.

We are searching for a Technical Lead / Manager to lead our MLIR compiler infrastructure team.

The team are a leading contributor to and driver of the MLIR framework. We use it to develop compiler APIs, infrastructure and high-level rewritings that define program input from ML and numeric frameworks, lower it to internal representations, and enable rapid development of domain-specific compilers for heterogeneous architectures. We are framework-agnostic: we collaborate very closely with TensorFlow, our most important partner, and we also support JAX and any framework that can target our standard APIs. Our infrastructure is used to build compilers for CPUs, GPUs and other machine learning accelerators.


  • Strong management experience.

  • Experience with hands-on compiler development.

Please reach out to mlir-hiring@google.com to learn more!

Feel free to forward the email or link to https://llvm.discourse.group/t/job-ad-technical-lead-manager-for-google-mlir-compiler-infrastructure-team/1725