[Job Advertisment] Movidius Senior LLVM Compiler Engineer based in Dublin

Movidius is looking for a senior LLVM Compiler Engineer based in Dublin (applications via the link below)


Movidius is developing advanced computer-vision solutions including Vision Processing SoCs, and SW tools for customers like Google https://www.google.com/atap/projecttango/

As such our compiler is a key part of our offering.

The position is located in Dublin but there will be a lot of interaction with our Timisoara and San Mateo offices as well as customers and partners.

The position reports to Martin O’Riordan our compiler lead.

Martin is highly respected in the industry having done the world’s first commercial C++ compiler at Glockenspiel in 1989, followed by Microsoft’s first Visual C++ compiler as well as a host of embedded compilers based on gcc and more recently LLVM.

He was a key participant in C++ ISO standardisation for 15 years etc.

It’s an opportunity to work in a small multidisciplinary team interacting with processor designers, applications developers, tools developers, customers and partners, learn from the best, and make a real impact that you can only do in a small company.

As our SHAVE processor is a particularly interesting very wide issue and low-power VLIW-SIMD, auto-vectorisation is a particularly hot-topic as are compiler intrinsics targeting DSLs like Halide for image and video processing.





David Moloney PhD, CTO & Founder, Movidius Ltd.




Linkedin: http://goo.gl/yqsVU

Movidius Ltd. is registered in Ireland (No. 408970) with offices @ 19 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1