job announcement: Clang Static Analysis engineer @ Apple


The Apple compiler team is seeking an engineer to play a pivotal role in bringing Clang's static analyzer bug-finding tool to the next level. We are interested in improving both the core analysis algorithms as well as implementing new analyses to find more kinds of bugs (with an immediate focus on security issues). As a key member of the Apple Compiler Team, you will apply your strong state-of-the-art background and experience toward the deployment of ground breaking compiler-based tools that will have a huge impact on the quality of software on both the Mac and iOS platforms.

Required experience:

* Ideal candidate will have experience with LLVM and Clang.
* Strong C++ skills.
* Strong background in compiler architecture and program analysis (dataflow analysis, formal methods).
* Moderate knowledge of security issues (e.g., buffer overflows) and how program analysis might be applicable to dealing with them.
* Strong communication and teamwork skills.

Please send resumes directly to Ted Kremenek (