Job: Clang Release Manager at Apple

Apple’s compiler team is looking for an exceptional release manager who is passionate about shipping high quality software development tools. The engineer would drive the continuous qualification of Apple Clang for internal and public release: using automated triage, reduction, and bisection tools to track down compiler bugs; working with teams across the company to make software changes to unblock the compiler; and managing the compiler release schedule. Besides ensuring the quality and delivery of Apple Clang, the engineer would potentially be involved in improving automated tooling, on-device debugging, or contributing directly to LLVM and Clang.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills, with experience working cross-functionally.

  • Experience driving complex processes with many moving parts.

  • Passion for high quality products and tools.

  • Clear understanding of the role of the compiler in building C and C++ software.

  • (Optional, but a big plus) Experience in improving process, especially through automation.

  • (Optional, but a big plus) Experience debugging a complex software stack and/or system level issues.

  • (Optional, but a big plus) Knowledge of LLVM/Clang and open source development.

Contact if you’re interested.