[JOB] Entry-Level LLVM Engineer


We're looking for an entry-level (aka graduate, junior, etc) compiler
engineer to help us bring the ARM and AArch64 targets to their maximum
potential using LLVM tools. There's more info in the page itself:

If you're interested, please, apply directly on the website, but feel
free to copy me on emails. I'm also open to questions about the role,
if you need more info before applying, but I'll give some idea of what
it'll entail to save some time.

We're looking for a compiler engineer that enjoys low-level gritty
problems. From code-generation bugs, to assembler nit-picks, to how
command-line options affect code generation and integration with other

There will be an initial bring-up work to get our buildbot
infrastructure in line with what's needed by the community and with
our hardware's know capabilities, with help from the hardware and
systems teams. We'll be focusing on the compiler part, mostly, which
will be done in parallel with ARM/AArch64 target maintenance (Clang
driver, IR, IAS, code-gen, opts, etc).

As the buildbot infrastructure stabilise, this role will be focusing
on target maintenance and integration with tools (binutils, LLD, LLDB)
and libraries (Glibc, libstdc++, Libc++, RT, libunwind, musl, etc) to
consolidate a fully open source LLVM toolchain for both ARM and

This is a full-time position available world wide.