[job] LLVM compiler engineer job opportunity at QuarksLab

Dear compiler enthousiasts,

the Epona[0] compiler team from Quarkslab is looking for a compiler enthusiast to work
on LLVM bitcode obfuscation.

The full job description is available here:

    Quarkslab – Securing every bit of your data

It's a job that requires creativity to design new code obfuscation,
compiler skills to integrate them in our LLVM based compiler, tenacity
to have everything run on all supported platforms and architectures
(read Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, OSX with different arch variant).
And a seed of crazyness when you need to debug that :slight_smile:

For a more technical view of our work, have a look to:

    2017 LLVM Developers’ Meeting: “Challenges when building an LLVM bitcode Obfuscator ” - YouTube

Or read:

    Quarkslab's blog - Obfuscation

[0] https://epona.quarkslab.com/