Job Opening: Runtime Engineer

Low-Level Runtime Engineer

The Apple compiler organization is seeking an engineer who is strongly motivated to build fundamental runtime libraries for both iOS and OS X. Our team defines and evolves the C, C++, and Objective-C standard libraries at Apple; as well as common shared resources such as the dynamic linker and various ABI support libraries. We directly contribute to the LLVM project with the libc++, libc++abi, and lld projects. As a key member of the Apple Runtime Team, you will apply your strong background and experience towards the deployment of ground breaking new language and runtime features as well as lead the continued evolution of existing features in ways that surprise and delight our developers. You will join a small team of highly motivated senior engineers who build first-class runtime libraries and apply them in new and innovative ways.

Required experience:

* Ideal candidate will have experience with similar fundamental software
* Very strong assembly and C++ skills
* Strong background in OS design, algorithms, and data structures
* Strong communication and teamwork skills
* Experience with library/compiler interactions and platform ABIs
* Knowledge of object file formats and semantics
* Knowledge of Objective-C specific features is a plus
* Knowledge of low-level Apple specific runtime features is a plus

Job #13014171