[Job Posting] LLVM at Cray

Hi all,

Cray just opened up a position for a compiler person to work on LLVM.
Details are below. I've been working in this group for over a decade
now and it's a great team. The environment is very collegial and
results-oriented. Engineers get significant projects to work on and
have a direct impact in helping our customers tackle the largest and
most challenging scientific problems in the world.

While a lot of compiler work for high-performance computing overlaps
with general compiler improvements, there are definitely features we've
added that are pretty specific to supercomputing. It's an interesting
space to work in, where the tradeoffs are sometimes much different than
they are for more general computing workloads.

In my time here I've done everything from developing new LLVM analysis
and transformation passes to writing backends for new targets.
Engineers have a lot of freedom and are encouraged to explore new ideas.
Most of those ideas come out of real customer problems so you get some
very real satisfaction that what you do makes a difference.

Note that while the listing is for St. Paul, MN we will soon be moving
our office a short distance away to the Mall of American in Bloomington,
MN. So engineers will also be able to ride roller-coasters during our
lunch breaks!

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions. I will answer what I can.

If you're interested in this position, please go to
http://www.cray.com/company/careers, search for keyword 16-0127 to find
this opportunity, and then click “Apply On-line” to create a profile and
submit a resume.

Best regards,