Job postings category etiquette?

Thanks a ton to everyone involved in setting up this Discourse, I love it.

I recall that the llvm-dev mailing list had some etiquette around posting job openings. I can’t find a link to the discussion, but I remember the rule was intended to limit the number of emails, since not everyone reading llvm-dev was looking for a new job. IIRC it was something like only one email permitted per company per year…?

Now that we have #community:job-postings, I take it everyone can post as many jobs as they like there. Is that right?

Well, the main rule for llvm-dev was quite simple: the job should be somehow LLVM related. I guess here the same rule would apply as well, it does not make any sense to post something that is completely unrelated to LLVM.

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As for the frequency: As people can individually decide which categories they follow or not, I don’t see any reason to restrict it generally. The only limitation being that it is LLVM related as preciously mentioned.