Joining the LLVM org without commit access

Hi folks, we have a new team member who’s ramping up on LLVM/clang development.

They don’t yet meet the requirements for commit access (no landed patches) but would still like to subscribe to issues for a subproject.

AFAIK this requires being a member of the llvm github organization (otherwise this page 404s so they can’t request to join the team that emulates label subscriptions). Is there a process to join the org without commit access?

Yes :slight_smile: Just let me know

Thank you! Sent a DM

I had the same question a couple of weeks ago: should we document this?

There is no “automatic” way. The only way is essentially for someone with admin rights to send invite.

Right, it may be worth documenting that contacting an admin to be able to track issues / PR is something expected, as well as the process to contact an admin. We only document this LLVM Developer Policy — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation right now I believe?