Julia Summer of Code

Hi everyone,

For those of you who may still be looking for something to do over the summer,
do have a look at the Julia Summer of Code, which we have just announced:

As Julia is based on LLVM, I could see a number of interesting projects to use
LLVM better within julia or do something cool with the combination of Julia/LLVM.
A few possible projects I can think off of the top of my head:

1 - Integrate Julia/Polly
2 - Use KLEE on julia code ( I think this could be very fun )
3 - Improve the debug info generated by julia/emitted by LLVM
4 - Improve Cxx.jl - Julia’s C++ FFI/interactive C++ REPL

I’d be very happy to mentor any project in this direction (the list I gave is by no means
complete, if you’re interested I’d love to hear your ideas), and please do send me an
email if you have any questions.


Dear Keno,

this is indeed great news. I obviously like the idea of integrating Julia and Polly and am happy to co-mentor a student working in this area. Polly should now have all features needed for the use in Polly. Specifically, our delinearization is now working such that we understand the multi-dimensionality of Julia arrays and we also experimented with run-time bound check elimination, which showed good results, but still requires some modifications in LLVM and Julia. I would be very interested to work with someone at the Julia side to get these things nailed down.