Kaleidoscope examples on Windows

Are the Kaleidoscope examples supposed to work on Windows? e.g.


when I try to compile this with clang it gives compile time error messages, and when I try with Microsoft C++ it generates an executable that runs but crashes when I type in an expression; I get similar results with a few of the other versions. I can give more detailed feedback if that would help, just checking first to see what should work or if there’s something else I should be doing.

Trying to trace why the version compiled with Microsoft C++ crashes, it is in this part of the code…

// Get the address of the JIT’d function in memory.
auto ExprSymbol = J.findUnmangledSymbol("__anon_expr");

// Cast it to the right type (takes no arguments, returns a double) so we
// can call it as a native function.
double (FP)() = (double ()())(intptr_t)ExprSymbol.getAddress();

FP is null, so it’s not finding the symbol, though I don’t know why not.