kdevelop's lldb plugin


FYI ...

When I asked about supporting lldb in IDEs year or so ago the consensus was that the best approach involved writing a dedicated front-end (driver) rather than communicating with an existing driver. I've let that slip for various reasons including not having the time and energy to spare to dive into such an endeavour.

Now I see that someone (Peifeng Yu) has been working on an lldb plugin for kdevelop: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kdevelop.git&a=tree&h=f5a4b7fc2e353feb4388e80d7b27bd40c811da7a&hb=f9b262cd926151c30f4eae42ac7a7e56c7392edf&f=debuggers%2Flldb

This uses the lldb-mi driver. I can't seem to find any messages from him on this ML, so this message is mostly informational, but if anyone feels interested to help improve the plugin and let it use liblldb directly that'd of course be great.

FWIW: KDevelop currently includes a libclang-based parser plugin that works very nicely (nudge nudge, hint hint) :slight_smile:

René Bertin