keep an eye out for broken lldb bindings

Hi all,

I’ve cleaned up our swig generation scripts as used by cmake and Xcode builds. They’re working fine on Xcode, but I’ve only checked them on Ubuntu 14.04 as far as cmake builds go. The change to switch over to the cleaned-up script happened here:


Probably the biggest place something wrong would show up (if not the build itself) is the running of the tests. Let me know if you see anything strange in the next couple hours. r253478 would be the commit to revert as it will switch the cmake build back to the old script.

I’d like to get the old scripts out of the repo as soon as this is verified and/or fixed up to work. It’s a net shrinkage of code and is nearly pylint clean. I wanted to minimize how much I changed it while getting 90% of the gains addressed to reduce pain of verifying the change-over.


FYI - This switchover change looks like it made it through the Ubuntu and Windows builders.

BTW this change only affected the swig wrapper generation. There’s a separate “finish” script that I have not yet touched nor have I adopted on Xcode. I’ll look at that as some near-term clean-up, I’d like to get Xcode using what everyone else is using there.