Keys used to sign releases

I see that some, but not all, releases provide a local link to the key used to generate the signature files, which makes it difficult for a script to use them to verify the signatures.

Gcc solves this problem by including the following on their mirrors page (

The archives there will be signed by one of the following GnuPG keys:

  • 1024D/745C015A 1999-11-09 Gerald Pfeifer <>
    Key fingerprint = B215 C163 3BCA 0477 615F 1B35 A5B3 A004 745C 015A
  • 1024D/B75C61B8 2003-04-10 Mark Mitchell <>
    Key fingerprint = B3C4 2148 A44E 6983 B3E4 CC07 93FA 9B1A B75C 61B8
  • 1024D/902C9419 2004-12-06 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
    Key fingerprint = 90AA 4704 69D3 965A 87A5 DCB4 94D0 3953 902C 9419
  • 1024D/F71EDF1C 2000-02-13 Joseph Samuel Myers <>
    Key fingerprint = 80F9 8B2E 0DAB 6C82 81BD F541 A7C8 C3B2 F71E DF1C
  • 2048R/FC26A641 2005-09-13 Richard Guenther <>
    Key fingerprint = 7F74 F97C 1034 68EE 5D75 0B58 3AB0 0996 FC26 A641
  • 1024D/C3C45C06 2004-04-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
    Key fingerprint = 33C2 35A3 4C46 AA3F FB29 3709 A328 C3A2 C3C4 5C06
    Would it make sense to add something similar to our download page?



I suppose we could do this.

Which do you think would be better, having a link together with each
release (which we have for some), or just listing the most frequently
used keys near the top?

I think a listing is sufficient. I just need to know which keys might be used.

Btw, here’s my use case:


4096R/345AD05D 2015-01-20 Hans Wennborg <>

B6C8F98282B944E3B0D5C2530FC3042E345AD05D \

2048R/02119294 2014-05-06 Tom Stellard <>

11E521D646982372EB577A1F8F0871F202119294 \

2048R/BB5A0569 2013-12-24 Bill Wendling <>

54E3BDE33185D9F69664D22455F5CD70BB5A0569 \

4096R/7BFB4EDA 2014-06-16 Brad King <>


RUN set -ex;
for key in $GPG_KEYS; do
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys “$key”;

RUN set -ex;
curl -fSL -o cmake-3.7.2-SHA-256.txt;
curl -fSL -o cmake-3.7.2-SHA-256.txt.asc;
curl -fSL -o cmake-3.7.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz;
gpg --verify cmake-3.7.2-SHA-256.txt.asc;
grep cmake-3.7.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz cmake-3.7.2-SHA-256.txt | sha256sum --check;
tar -xf cmake-3.7.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz -C /usr/local --strip-components=1;
rm cmake-3.7.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz

RUN set -ex;
curl -fSL -o llvm.src.tar.xz;
curl -fSL -o llvm.src.tar.xz.sig;
gpg --batch --verify llvm.src.tar.xz.sig llvm.src.tar.xz; \