KMP query question

There are three kmpc querries (kmpc_bound_thread_num, kmpc_bound_num_threads, and kmpc_in_parallel) that refer to the innermost active parallel construct.

I just want to make sure that “active” is really ment as defined in the OMP specs.

For example, the traditional omp_get_num_threads gets the number of threads in the current region. But the kmpt_bound_num_threads request this info in the innermost active parallel construct.
They differ in this context:
#pragma omp parallel num_thread(4) if(1)
// code A
#pramga omp parallel num_thread(1)
// code B

In Code A… both calls return the same number 4 as the parallel region is active (i.e. more than one thread).
In Code B, however, the innermost parallel region is not active. So the omp calls return 1, and the kmpc calls return 4 (as the outer parallel region is the innermost active region).
Is this understanding correct? If so, what is the default answer when there are no active parallel region?