KMP Work sharing for dynamic loop

I have a question with respect to the code pattern generated for dynamic loops by Clang. Given this input program:

#pragma omp for schedule(dynamic, 2)
for(int i=0; i<16; i++)
// code a

the code pattern seems to be:

// init
kmpc_dispatch_ini(…, schedule=dyn, lb=0, ub=15, step=1, chunk=2);

// work
while (kmpc_dispatch_next( …, &last, &lb, &ub, &stride)) { // next
for(int j=lb, j<ub; j++) {
// code a

// barrier

Namely, there seems to be one “fini” call for each “next” call. I assumed initially only one “fini” before the barrier to indicate the end of all chunks of work… but this does not appear to be the case.

Also, the stride passed back by “next” does not seems to be used.

And Clang appears to generate only normalized loop (i.e. lb = 0 and increment = 1)…

Could you please confirm that my current understanding is correct?