My hat is off to everyone that’s worked on LLVM.

I started coding Stacker yesterday from scratch as a background task in between doing “real” :slight_smile: work. Tonight I got my first program generated by the Stacker compiler to compile, link and execute. The entire control flow of Stacker is done (mind you its trivial). All that remains is to fill in code generation for about 60 built-in words.

I’m shocked. 8 Hours work? Is compiler writing supposed to be this easy?

Kudos. LLVM Rocks.


I'm tempted to say Thanks, but in fact, the credit for this goes to Chris's design. He's built a system that really makes it easy to do interesting projects in a short time, and to avoid common problems with the many safety nets in the core representation. I think the extremely small IR plays a part too.

Some day, we should add a "User Testimonials" page and include a quote or two like this, anonymously, or with attribution, and with permission of course! Would you mind if we quoted you?