Late proposal for Warn if virtual calls are made from constructors or destructors

Hi, I am Tushar Khurana from India, I applied to LLVM organisation in GSoC 2017 for the task for bash autocompletion for Clang.

Here I am applying for one more project “Warn if virtual calls are made from constructors or destructors” from the Clang ideas for GSoC 2017. Actually at first(when we were supposed to submit our proposals for GSoC 2017), I overlooked this “Warn if virtual calls are made from constructors or destructors” project idea and scrolled past it, but a few days back when I was by chance looking at the project ideas page for Clang for GSoC 2017, I saw this idea, and it almost clicked me to how to solve this problem(project) and now when I have done my research for 2-3 days, I have my solution for this project.
So, kindly(and please), consider this also as a project of mine for GSoC 2017 for Clang. I know it’s late and that’s also the reason for why the proposal attached with this mail is short (This proposal is made at 4 May 2017 at 5:30AM IST, just hours before the GSoC result) and I will be obliged if you contact me for further details and my approach to solve this problem(Warn if virtual calls are made from constructors or destructors) as I might be thinking in the right direction for solving this. The main idea of solving this is the AST dump of a source code and then checking for constructor and destructor declarations, and then traversing the corresponding AST of code inside those declarations, and if a function call to a virtual function is found, then note the line number in another data-structure.

So, please consider these two project proposals(one already submitted within the GSoC submission deadline, and this one).

Projectproposal (1).pdf (175 KB)

Dear Tushar,

Please take look at GSoC documentation available at
Guides  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers about
GSoC rules and good luck with GSoC next year.