latest LLDB on Linux

Hi guys,

I’m trying the latest lldb on linux (svn 134974), using llvm and clang at svn 131657.

When I run the resulting lldb, I get many repetitions of the following two errors at the command prompt:

ImportError: No module named embedded_interpreter
NameError: name ‘run_one_line’ is not defined

Also, starting a process seems to leave the process in the background. I get many “error: No auto repeat.” errors, and am stuck since I never get another command prompt.

All fixes welcome.


The test suite expects to find the “” file which lives in the:


On MacOSX, we embed this inside the LLDB.framework which allows LLDB to always and easily find this python file. I am not sure what the build system currently does on linux (if it copies this file somewhere). You might need to set your PYTHONPATH environment variable to point to this directory for now so that LLDB can find this module.

Any other linux folks have any tips?

Greg Clayton