ld.lld --overwrite-section-script for linker script extension

To linker script users,

I posted ⚙ D103303 [ELF] Add OVERWRITE_SECTIONS command for a feature customizing
output section descriptions[1] without affecting the output section
There is a dispute about whether an explicit option should be
required. Hope users can share your thoughts.

An argument favoring no-option is for convenience.

An argument favoring an explicit option is that the behavior can be
subtle (26404 – ld: INSERT [AFTER|BEFORE] variant for extension purposes)
A glibc libm.a may look like this: GROUP (
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmvec.a ). It adds two input files.
Allowing the full power of output section descriptions can be non-intuitive.

[1]: Output Section Description (LD)
[2]: The default SECTIONS command specifies an output section order
and suppresses some built-in rules of section placement.