Ld64.lld -T regression?

We recently updated our arm32bit toolchain on the mac to latest clang-16 (via homebrew, not macports).
there we use the recommended external lld linker, which uses ld64.lld, which surprisingly does not understand -T nor the --script linker scripts option. The unix counterpart ld.lld does.
Is this a known regression/omission?

man ld
tells me that the native linker does not support -T.
ld64.lld is the MachO linker. You probably wanted to use ld.lld, the ELF linker.

we’ve changed to use the unix linker ld.lld.

with llvm-16 ld.lld -T is not recognized anymore, with the previous llvm-15.0.7 it works fine. so it’s a regression.

It seems to work for me:

bin/ld.lld -T
ld.lld: error: -T: missing argument