libc++abi releases? includes release tarballs for
libc++, but none for libc++abi. Are there any plans for adding
libc++abi release tarballs alongside the others in the future?

Background: I'm working on getting a clang/libc++/libc++abi toolchain
working on OpenBSD, and having official libc++abi tarballs would just
make the packaging process a bit nicer.


Why don't use use libcxxrt, like FreeBSD?

No reason in particular. I'd gained an impression somehow that
libcxxrt was specific to amd64/i386, and libcxxrt's "supported
platforms" declaration in its README seemed to reinforce that view for
me. Also, when I tried searching for "libcxxabi vs libcxxrt", I
couldn't find any good arguments for one over the other, so I just
picked one.

That said, does libcxxrt have releases?

libcxxrt is probably a lot smaller if that matters to you. It's stable and should be released alongside the compiler.

David - did you add ARM support? Should the readme b

git master should always be in a production ready state. Typically this isn't something which would be released standalone and should be bundled with the compiler.

binary size is much smaller than libcxxabi last time I checked.

David - Did you add ARM support and should the README be updated?

MIPS64/SPARC support may happen at some point in the future (no promises)

It is indeed smaller (100kB text and 5kB data, vs 450kB
text and 42kB data for, though that's not much of a
concern to me to be honest.

The bigger win IMO is that I can build libcxxrt with GCC 4.2, which
means I can just import it into base to replace libsupc++. (By
comparison, libc++abi doesn't like libstdc++'s headers, GCC 4.2.1
can't handle libc++'s headers, and we don't have Clang in base, so I
was needing to build libc++abi out of our ports tree, which means
libstdc++ in base can't link against it.)

What's needed to support other processor architectures in libcxxrt? I
didn't notice any processor-specific code (other than ARM) in any of
libsupc++, libc++abi, or libcxxrt.

Also, is cfe-dev still the appropriate mailing list to discuss
libcxxrt, or should we move this discussion elsewhere?

If the architecture supports the same ABI I'm guessing it's just a matter of testing and bug fixes - I don't know of any target specific code in libcxxrt, but the corresponding libunwind will probably have some. I don't mind discussing this here if others don't mind, but bug reports should go to our github though.