[libc++] Missing subject line: UBSan reports alignment errors in std::map

Hi List,

unfortunately, I forgot to complete the subject line in my previous mail.
It should have been something like:
[libc++] UBSan reports alignment errors in std::map

The message read:

compiling a C++ application with UBSan enabled, I get a couple of
alignment-related errors from UBSan on std::map-related functions. The
map is of type std::map<int, std::function<void()>>.

Relevant messages: https://gist.github.com/hesiod/3f978eace168609af37a2

This occured with libc++ 3.8.0 and clang/llvm 3.9.1 on Arch Linux.


PS: Please make sure to include me in all replies since I am not
subscribed to cfe-dev.