libc++ on windows

I've read many posts about using libc++. Can someone tell me where should I
download the libc++folder from LLVM website. Should I put this folder in
llvm\tools or in Mingw?

Secondly, what should I write in the command line for clang++ when I want to
use libc++ instead of libstdc++?

p.s. : when I use libstdc++ (libstdc++-6.dll) , the .exe crashed
immediately. Is there some problem with the library file?


Linux presently has libc++ checkout via git or svn under <llvm/projects/> path. I cannot imagine it’s different for Mingw but someone here who knows Mingw can comment on it. Debian Linux: llvm → llvm/projects/libcxx llvm/projects/compiler-rt llvm/projects/test-suite llvm/tools/clang llvm/tools/clang/extra llvm/tools/lldb Building libcxxabi separately within it’s path that I place adjacent to llvm libcxxabi. Someone working on the Windows port would most certainly have all your info. Inside this link shows configuration settings for Mingw. - Marc