libc++: Race condition in facets initialization?

Interesting re the constexpr point. That makes sense now why GCC/Clang don’t have this issue. I’ve definitely had to work around a few constexpr issues already as MSVC really doesn’t support it. At least vc12 doesn’t, vc14 might but I can’t use that in anger yet as MS have seriously updated their CRT which is causing me headaches.

I’ll have to make some sort of patch on my own code. I’ll try to see if there’s a clean way to do it which would make it acceptable for submission, in case I can get this stuff back into the code base. Advise on doing that would be welcomed btw.

Swithing to console made no difference Matthew. Which I’m sort of glad of TBH because I’d have needed to figure out the knock on effects of making that switch for us! :slight_smile: