[libc++] Removing the 'buildit' script

Hi All,

If you don’t use the libc++ ‘buildit’ script you may ignore this email.

I plan to remove the buildit script from libc++ before the end of the week, making CMake the only way to build libc++. If you are still using builtin please begin transitioning immediately. If you absolutely cannot transition before the end of the week please let me know.


Hey Eric,
Sorry, we are using the buildit script on several builds both internally and externally. We will need more than just a few days to come up with the transition plan.


Mike Edwards
 Apple, Inc.
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OK, I will hold off removing it until you’ve been able to transition.


Done, I replaced the buildit based job with a cmake based one: http://lab.llvm.org:8080/green/view/Libcxx/

You can get rid of these script :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you!

Hi All,

I’ve gone ahead and removed buildit and testit from libc++. I would now like to remove the versions in libc++abi.

If anybody is using the libc++abi versions speak up now!

@Mike, @Mehdi: Could you confirm that Apple no longer uses these?