Libc++'s legacy testing configuration has been removed


The legacy libc++, libc++abi and libunwind testing configurations have been superseded by the new configuration system based on substitutions (presented in this talk) since roughly 2020. After a long transition period and migrating all known users of the old testing system to the new one, I just checked-in the removal of the legacy system.

If you’ve been using the config files, you’ll find that they do not exist anymore with LLVM 16 and you’ll need to migrate to the new testing system. However, doing so is easy and we have examples of doing it for multiple platforms under libcxx/test/configs. Please reach out if you find use cases that you need to support and that do not seem to be supported with the new system, although we tried to minimize that.


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Thanks for the heads up. I’ve just retested git (as of a5c46bf9521e34d7f8c6fa048014912afb910020) on Gentoo/arm64 (because amd64’s too slow ;-)) and our ebuilds seem to still work.