libc++: tests of the form wait*.exception.pass.cpp

I’ve just spent a lot of time trying to figure out why a particular class of tests were failing for me with MSVC and not with GCC.

For example:


These tests are designed to check that std::condition_variable::wait_for (and friends) will call std::terminate when an exception is thrown during the re-locking of the passed in mutex.

Firstly, I think this is C++14 only, at least according to I know that’s not the single source of truth so please correct me if that’s not the case. If it is, then I’d like to comment out these tests in a:

#if _LIBCPP_STD_VER > 11



Secondly, I’d like to add a much more verbose comment as to what these tests are doing and why, ultimately, they will work. The latter point is the more important. To implement the expected behaviour the tests rely on the dtr of std::unique_ptr calling a nothrow function and the mutex locking happening from within there (this is why MSVC failed the test as it doesn’t call std::terminate if a throw occurs in a nothrow function).

I’ll submit a patch (or not) based on comments.

Also, on a side not whilst I remember. The following functions in condition_variable.cpp are marked as NOTHROW but actually can throw:

condition_variable::wait(unique_lock& lk)

condition_variable::__do_timed_wait(unique_lock& lk,
chrono::time_point<chrono::system_clock, chrono::nanoseconds> tp)

Seems like a bug to me! Is it?

Hi Andrew,

Please see this patch That patch adds
a more verbose comment that at least explains the point of the test.
It doesn't describe how the expected behavior is achieved. I'll add
that before submitting.

I prefer not to use '#if _LIBCPP_STD_VER` to wrap C++11/C++14 only
tests. Instead I prefer to use LIT's 'REQUIRES', 'UNSUPPORTED' and
'XFAIL' features. This might be inconvenient if you don't use LIT to
run the test suite.

Libc++ also tends to back-port support for things like `wait_for` to
older standard dialects. I wouldn't want libc++ to lose test coverage
of these back-ported extensions. Hopefully we can work towards a
solution that allows non-standard tests to be disabled without libc++
losing coverage.


Thanks Eric. A deeper comment would be welcomed.

I don’t use LIT to run the tests unfortunately. My needs are bespoke so I have a custom framework for running them. Since this issue is particular to me I won’t push on the #define issue. No point polluting the code for one person.