Libc++-vendors and clang-vendors has libc++-vendors (@ldionne)

Group for all the libc++ vendors we know about. When there is a potentially vendor-impacting decision to be made or communicated, people can ping this group to get the attention of vendors.

These vendors may not want to subscribe to clang-vendors is similar.

I think we need GitHub teams for the two groups, but not in the CODEOWNERS file.


Is there a way to get vendor-relevant updates without the full firehose of all libcxx issues?

PS. is unresponsive for me.

I think the best solution to this is to use issue labels and have people subscribe to the labels. GitHub now lets you subscribe to specific labels on issues so we wouldn’t even need to use teams for that.

Thanks. I just noticed that there is Watch (dropdown) => Custom => Issues (Filter by labels). It’s not clear whether Issues (Filter by labels) applies to PRs.

If it does, reviewers can just assign libc++-vendors or clang-vendors label to PRs, and we have a solution.

This seems related but has not been responded: Watch individual GitHub issue labels and receive notifications · community · Discussion #16645 · GitHub “Watch individual GitHub issue labels and receive notifications”

I’ve tested it, and it does not apply to pull requests.

So does this mean it’s impossible for vendors to subscribe to a libcxx-vendors tag and be notified when the tag is added to a PR?

If so, I think we should have a team and we can ping the team on the PR to get the vendors’ attention. I think it’s quite an important feature for us.

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That would be a really nice feature to ask of GitHub!

I guess for now we should create teams for libcxx-vendors and clang-vendors (others?), and manually add the right folks to the teams. Then we can @ the team when we want to notify vendors.

How would that sound @AaronBallman @tstellar ?

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I think that sounds reasonable – I think it’d be unfortunate to ask vendors to sign up a second time as I expect some vendors to not get the message and then they lose out on critical communications that may impact our release quality. Manually adding the right folks to the teams seems like a kindness we should aim for even though it’s more effort.

If you wanted to contact the Phab team one final time you could use a blank review, where the commit message explains that the team is being moved. May be useful if there are members you can’t find Github equivalents for.

(and update the description of the Phabriactor team to say that too, before it goes read only)

I was planning on transferring the folks over from the Phab groups to the Github ones myself. It shouldn’t be too hard.

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@tstellar When you get a minute, could you create the groups libc++-vendors and clang-vendors? I can then proceed to add the right folks to the teams.

I’ve created the teams. Do you want to be a maintainer? If you are a maintainer, then you will be responsible for approving member requests. If not, then the requests will got to llvm admins.

Also we have some code for mapping phab logins to github logins. It’s not 100% reliable, but it works most of the time, and may help if you are trying to get the same membership in github as there is in Phab.

I’m fine with being the maintainer for libc++-vendors – it’ll remove some work from the LLVM admins and decentralize things, which I think is good. I think it might make sense for @AaronBallman to be the maintainer for the clang vendors group, but that’s for him to decide.

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

I invited everyone I could find to the new Github team for libc++ vendors. I also sent the following e-mail to the ones I couldn’t find:


As you are probably aware, LLVM recently switched from Phabricator to Github Pull Requests for code reviews. You are receiving this message because you were part of the ‘libc++ vendors’ group on Phabricator ( that we used to notify vendors of important or potentially breaking changes in the project. I tried migrating members of the Phabricator group over to GitHub, but in a few cases it was impossible (i.e. I couldn’t find the GitHub account associated with the e-mail). I was unable to migrate your Phabricator membership to the Github team for the above reason.

If you’d like to be notified of similar changes to libc++ going forward with Github Pull Requests, please request to join the following team on Github:

The libc++ team

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It’s not obvious from the GitHub UI how to find teams. Has the clang-vendors team been populated? Probably @AaronBallman should be the maintainer?

This is the clang-vendors team: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

It doesn’t seem to have been populated yet.