libclang API improvement

Doug, all,

as discussed a long time ago, here is a small patch that allows the
clang_getCXXAccessSpecifier() function to operate on a larger class of
I have tested the code in my own frontend (the Synopsis tool). I was
looking around for indications on how to add tests to clang's own test
suite, but didn't find anything. Any pointers would be highly
appreciated. (I did find the test suite and indications on how to run
it, but no design docs or indications on how to add to it.)

Otherwise, what are the next steps to get this patch approved and
checked in ?


access_spec.patch (1.3 KB)

FWIW: Looks fine with me. Doug and/or Argyrios obviously have the last word.

-- Erik.

I committed a modified version of your patch along with tests in r179297.