libclang: inspecting function parameters with default arguments


I would like to detect when a PARM_DECL has a default value, i.e.

in the case:

void foo(int x = 5);

I want to be able to tell that x has a default value. I’m not interested in the statement after the = sign, only the fact that it has a default parameter.

Is this possible with libclang?

– sztomi

I've asked this before on this list and apparently it is not easily possible
with libclang currently. What you can do if you just want to figure out if a
default argument is there, is to recurse manually into the cursor and see if
it has any children - if so, it has a default argument.

See also:


Hi, I just got the same problem as you did, and I'm using libclang python
Finally I solve it out by inspecting all children of the function cursor,
and they're all PARM_DECL kind.
Then get the tokens of each child, for each token , get it's spelling, if
the spelling equals to '=', then this parameter has a default value.

Hope this helps.