libclc status

I am evaluating the several Open source OpenCL implementation right now. I’d like to use clang/llvm to implement it.

My question are:
What is the current status of libclc ?
What is the relationship with pocl (, or Clover ( ?

It looks like Clover isn’t active for a while, so libclc will be used as an opencl compiler for open source linux graphics compute (the new R600 backend has been added into llvm tree) ?


Hi Mitch,

Clover is still being developed and has been merged into the Mesa codebase:

Currently the only hardware supported by clover are AMD
Evergreen and Northern Islands (besides Cayman) GPUs. See
GalliumCompute for more information.

Clover uses libclc as the standard library implementation for OpenCL C and links
OpenCL kernels against it.

Hope this helps.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for this. This is very helpful.